Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about returning my empty cores?

Simply fill out the online buy-back form and submit it, we’ll do the rest. You will be issued a P.O. number which must be referenced on each package you ship, or else your account may not be properly credited. We will mail you the prepaid shipping labels or send a truck to pick up your cores (depending on the quantity). Once the cores have been received and inspected, your payment will be issued in approximately thirty days.

Which cores can I recycle?

The Turbon Group recycles a wide variety of empty laser printer, fax and multi-function print cartridges. Market conditions can change frequently, therefore we have provided a core buy-back list which is updated monthly. We currently collect virgin OEM as well as some specific previously remanufactured cores. We will only pay for qualified cores. A qualified core is one which appears on our buy-back list, and which passes our incoming inspection criteria. Inspection criteria includes but is not limited to physical damage, cosmetic appearance, and electrical integrity (Refer to the “Identifying Empties” flyer under Program Information)

How much do you pay for the cores?

Empty laser cartridges are subject to changes in market conditions just like many other commodities. The factors of supply and demand greatly affect their individual dollar values. The Turbon Group reserves the right to change buyback prices, at any time however we will honor the price quotes at the time your order is submitted.

How should I package my cores for return?

The original packaging is always the best way to protect the cores during shipping. Toner cartridges in the original boxes can be taped together in bundles of eight or ten using shipping tape or placed in larger shipping cartons. If the original boxes and packing materials are not available, please use bubble-wrap, peanuts, newspaper or other material to protect the cores. The Turbon Group will not purchase cores which are broken or damaged.

Who pays the shipping costs?

The Turbon Group will pay shipping costs on any order of cores totaling a minimum of $50.00. Prepaid UPS labels will be provided for less than pallet quantities. For larger shipments, we will arrange for a trucking company to pick up your cartridges.

The Turbon Group pays all standard shipping costs. Any additional fees such as lift gate, pallet jack, residential pickup and inside pickup charges are the responsibility of the seller.

How long will it take to receive collection materials?

7 – 10 business days.