The Turbon Group Recycling Information

Program Information

Every year thousands of tons of empty toner cartridges are disposed of and end up in our nation’s landfills. The Turbon Group wishes to recover these cores in order to remanufacture them. The process of recovery and reuse has many benefits including savings to the consumer, relief to the environment, and reimbursement to those who participate in our various collection programs.

A successful recycling program is a winning proposition for everyone involved and we want to help you and your customers reap the rewards. Recovery programs are in place to meet a variety of needs, including retail, mail order/dealer, and corporate customers. In addition to these, we have collection programs for non-profit organizations and schools.

Please contact our recycling coordinators if you are interested in participating in one of our Core Collection Programs. By working together, we will find the program that best fits your needs.

Download information and marketing materials for Core Collection Programs:
Empty Cartridge Packing Instructions (PDF)
Identifying Empties (PDF)